Procrastination: the dirty word for an entrepreneur. I believe there's no true thing as procrastination. We procrastinate because we are not passionate about that task and just put it off. Now, if it is something you don't need to do, eliminate it. If it needs to be done, but someone else can do it, then delegate it.

But if it's truly something only you can do then find a reason to be passionate about it. But docs, the biggest thing, well, you guessed it, is getting your charting done. How can you be compassionate about it? Getting your charts done is like your patient who needs an injection. Get them to be passionate about the outcome, the decrease in pain

there will allow them to run again or do whatever they need to do. For you, think about the increase in your finances by getting your notes finished on time. This will also allow you to be a better doctor by being able to access your patient's information quickly and accurately allow you to come to a faster diagnosis or treatment plan on their next visit. Or you can delegate by getting a scribe.

One more example, if it is time to clean out your closet, a chore you might not be passionate about, just think about the new clothes you will buy when you throw out that five-year-old sweater that's no longer in style. We always have things that we don't like to do, but when that happens, think about the outcome.

Think about how you will feel after that task is accomplished. You will feel a sense of accomplishment, a sense of joy, go out and get a beer or something. Enjoy yourself. Be passionate about life and stay focused, my friends.