Hi, it's Tina. Happy New Year!

I'm here with your One Minute Management Tip.

You know, at the beginning of the year we all make resolutions or goals, things that we want to accomplish in the new year and our practice. It should be no different. It's time to sit down with everyone and take that list out.

  • What things did we do last year that maybe didn't work so well and how could we improve on it this year? Not only as a practice as a whole, but for each individual person who works in the practice.
  • What can they do to improve on the job tasks that they have to do each day?
  • What things are they doing that maybe they don't need to be doing anymore and that they would be able to make their position more efficient?

Take the time to sit down with your team and talk about it. Now when people are able to participate in the changes in the practice they buy in. They become more excited and more things get done.

Well, if you have any questions you can just email me at [email protected]. And again, Happy New Year! Bye-bye.