A question I get a lot of times is, how do you motivate your employees? How do you motivate your staff? Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Wishnie. Here's another one-minute practice management tip. And the answer to that question simply, you cannot motivate other individuals. You need to hire self-motivated people. And how do you find them? By asking the right questions during the interview process?

Asking them, what really motivates you? What gets you so excited by getting out of bed every morning? And how do you handle the real tough times? But what really motivates people is the ability to feel that you are part of a company, an organization that you are making a difference. So, make sure you have weekly meetings where you can ask questions to your staff.

Like, how do we make this a better workplace? How do you handle this problem or that problem? And, how can I help you make your job easier and better? Getting your people involved will always motivate them to do more. That's it for now. Stay focused my friends and have a great day.