Hi everybody. Rem Jackson here. I'm the CEO and Founder of Top Practices.

At Top Practices, we have a program for our practices called the Virtual Practice Management Institute. This is an ongoing program of transformational change for your practice management. One of the biggest issues that doctors face - all professionals face - is just the difficulty in managing your practice. And for medical practices, the regulations and all the burdensome paperwork just make it incredibly complicated. At the Virtual Practice Management Institute, we remove all of that by teaching you the systems, the procedures, and the protocols that can make managing your practice - actually I'll say it - delightful, not stressful, something that you find rewarding and enjoyable.

There's an even bigger bonus here that I want to tell you about. When you become a member of the Virtual Practice Management Institute, all of the courses that are being produced for our doctors by Tina Del, Buono and by Peter Wishnie about:

  • how to manage your practice smartly, effectively, successfully
  • how to lead your practice
  • how to really become a good leader that people want to follow and want to really just do their best for
  • how to collect upfront whenever your patients come into the office or,
  • million dollar phone scenarios

All of these courses, which you can purchase separately, are included when you're a member of the Virtual Practice Management Institute.

It's an unbelievable treasure trove of support and help, which includes live support from your coaches and mentors, Dr. Wishnie and Tina Del Buono. Check out the Virtual Practice Management Institute. Give us a call and we'll help you learn more. Here's to your great practice management.