Hi My name is Tina Del Buono, and welcome to today’s one-minute management tip. Are you taking time to really care for those coming into your practice every day? Is EVERYONE taking time to care for those who come into the practice every day? I mean I know we care for them, their medical needs, and why they are coming to see us, but do they feel that you care for them?  That’s something to really think about. 
The action of caring creates an emotional response from that person that they feel that they’ve been cared for. I want you to think about this: what are the opportunities that you are making every day that really shows to those coming into your practice that you really care. Do you realize that every time you have an encounter with someone in your practice, that there’s a story to be told?  Yes there is! Whether it be good bad, or ugly, that patient has a story to tell regardless of their encounter with you. 
They have a three-choice opportunity when they leave your door. One, the opportunity is to go “That was awesome,” and they’re going to want to tell someone about being in your practice. Or when, maybe a family or friend tells them that they have a foot problem or ankle problem, they’re going to go “Oh, you need to go see my foot doctor, they are great!” Or, the second opportunity, they could say nothing. And then there’s the third opportunity. They can say something negative, because they didn’t feel cared for when they came to your practice. 
So there are stories being written every single day in your practice by every person who has an encounter with your patients. What kind of stories are those patients going to tell about their visits.  Well I hope this gives you some food for thought, gather your team together and be thinking how you can care more for your patients. Thank you for joining me, and have a great day!