Hi, everyone. I want to talk about integrity. Always work as if someone is watching. Do you wonder if your staff works just as hard when you are not around as compared to when you are? Get your team together and let them know the purpose of their job and the effort they put in it is a reflection of who they are. Working together to make patients feel better, should be a great feeling, and providing that type of work no matter what, no matter which side of the bed you wake up on every single day, the boss is always present, even if the boss is not there. It basically shows integrity. And most of all, it simply makes you feel good that you did a great job. Let them know that and let them know that this is a reflection of themselves.

And every single person should always be present every single time and be focused on taking care of their job, which is taking care of the patients. Let them know this, bring it up at your next staff meeting, in the meantime, stay focused, my friends.