"Hi, welcome to our one-minute management tip, my name is Tina Del Buono. Today I’m going to talk about the patient service experience. Have you ever thought what is it that you want your patient service experience to be like? You know what it is? It is the experience that people are expecting and what they really base their opinions on is how they feel. Walt Disney said he wanted to create a place that people would come to and that they would want to return again and again and bring their family and friends. He knew it was all about the experience. Well, we know we can give great medical care, but what kind of experience are they having when they come to your practice? 
You need to sit down with your team and you need to really be honest and dissect what are the people experiencing. Maybe you even want to do a patient survey by asking your patients just one question: What is it that you’re expecting when you come to a medical practice? I did one a few years ago, and you know what people wanted? People wanted - the number one thing - was to have a friendly staff who really showed that they cared about them. My tip to you is to gather your team together and talk about the current patient experience that people are having in your practice and then decide what is it that you could do that would be more meaningful to your patients, giving them something that they can’t receive going to any other medical practice. Well, I hope you do take the time to take this into consideration and take some time to jot down some things that you can do to wow your patients, to make it a better experience for them, because it really does mean a lot to them and it will mean a lot to your practice also. Thanks for joining me today, and know that we’re always here at the Virtual Practice Management Institute to answer any questions that you may have."