Hi, welcome to today’s one-minute management tip, my name is Tina DelBuono. If you were going to go visit your doctor, what would you like that experience to be like? I bet you would want it to be really special. You would want to feel that you were cared for and that the people who you were going to see were looking forward to having you there. I bet you would really like it if you were ‘wowed’ when you walked into that office - that something happened that made you go, ‘wow!’ 
Well, that’s what our patients want when they come to our offices. We should be thinking about ways that we can wow them. If you belong to the Virtual Practice Management Institute, in the module on great patient service, you’re going to find this simple little form, but I’m going to tell you what’s on it. Sit your staff down and think about what it is that you do for your patients right now that they like. Then, think about how you could improve on that. What could you do to wow your patients? Maybe, if their birthday was in that month, maybe you would have a card in the treatment chair for them that everyone hand signed. How awesome would that be? That would make them go, ‘wow!’ 
So, sit down, take ten minutes with your staff, and talk about what you could  do, and then jot them down and then pick just a couple that you can try with your patients over the next month or two to see how you can wow them. Remember, there’s plenty of doctors that our patients can choose to go to. We want them to want to come to our office, and not only to want to come to our office, but to tell their family and friends to go there too. So let’s get busy thinking about how we can ‘wow’ our patients and have a great day! Thanks for joining me!