Most aesthetic surgery practices are utilizing outdated and inefficient advertising and branding concepts to build their businesses. The majority of the marketing is focused on experience and credentials. This is information that most perspective patients are not interested in.

Prospective patients are focused on the things that worry them. They are more concerned about their health rather than knowing where you went to school. Yet, aesthetic surgery practices are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to communicate information that doesn't interest prospective clients.

People don't lay awake at night wondering where their local plastic surgeons got their education or what credentials they have. They lay awake thinking about their unique problems.

Fortunately, there is a system that you can use for your aesthetic surgery marketing. This system is not known by your competitors. Even less are taking advantage of it.

At Top Practices, we have changed the game. We have developed a proven marketing system that focuses on web-based marketing, referrals and internal and external marketing. This marketing plan is designed to help you and your practice address the concerns of the people in your area who are looking for an aesthetic surgeon.

Order your free copy of our book, Why Most Aesthetic Surgery Marketing Doesn't Work and contact us to find out more about joining the Top Practice Mastermind Group.

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