"You know, I really love going to the Summit because you meet up with podiatrists and practice administrators and marketing directors from all over the country, get great ideas, and you hear from people that are really doing it right in the field of podiatry and foot and ankle surgery. It’s very motivating to be around such positive people.
I find that coming to the Top Practices meeting, you always learn something new. There’s always something that you haven’t thought of, or even if you did, you get reminded of it - that you haven’t done it yet!
My favorite part of the Summit is standing out in the hallway and talking to other doctors and getting ideas about what’s working well in their practices.
My favorite part is talking to other podiatrists and getting ideas from them and seeing how they do things in their practice and what works for them. It’s really been helpful so far."
Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC