Do you want to know the fastest way to gain trust with your patients?

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Wishnie and here's another One Minute Practice Management Tip.

The fastest way to gain trust with your patients: Call all of your new patients the next day. Also, call all of your surgical patients and patients who are in pain that night. Making these phone calls shows empathy and that you care about them. Your patients will be amazed and will be talking about your for a long time. 

In addition, it gives the patient an opportunity to ask you any questions they might have forgot to ask during their visit. Calling your patients yourself - not your staff - is a great way to build relationships. Oh, before I go, if you're a member of VPMI, you have access - free access to our new course, including my course on the Seven Secrets to Getting Your Nights and Weekends Back. If you are not a member, you can easily purchase it and learn how to make more money with less stress.

Until next time, stay focused my friends. This is Dr. Peter Wishnie - over and out.