Your money is directly proportional to your energy.

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Wishnie and here is another One Minute Practice Management Tip. Money is directly related to your energy levels. Think about your days. The days that you are on point, the days that you had great production, great collections. You saw a lot of new patients. You saw more patients probably that day than most days. Why is that? You had high energy levels. It is the energy that you have that you give out to the world, to the patients, to your staff. They feel that vibration. I mean they feel that vibration, they are going to resonate with you. They want to buy what you have. They want to listen to your recommendations and accept these recommendations. That is why your energy levels are so important.

So, how do you always stay on point? It's really, really hard and you have to, have to do your best because you know what folks? We're doctors, but in a way we are entertainers. We need to actually have wonderful energy and lighten up the spirits of everyone around us. That is done with great sleep, lots of water, eating right, exercise, and reading good books and being positive.

No matter what goes on, you need to stop and say, "Hey, is that really important? Am I the person that's going to allow other people's points of views affect my day? Can I control my feelings?" And you can, but you have to slow down and think about it and then change. Put a smile on your face and you'll start feeling better. You'll have more energy than you ever had before. Again, if you really want to have great success, you need to increase your energy levels. Until next time, stay focused my friends. Bye, bye now.