Hi, it's Tina. Welcome to today's One Minute Management Tip. 

You know I was talking to an office manager recently about employee retention and one important factor in keeping employees interested and engaged with the practice is making sure that there are growth opportunities for them. Things that they can learn besides what just their position does.They may not do it all the time but that they've been trained and that they know how. They're developing a higher skill set which also makes them more valuable to the practice. 

So, if you're a practice and you're wondering maybe why your employees might not be as engaged as you'd like'd them. Ask them if there are other things they'd like to know about the practice or other things they'd like to learn. And then, set up a training program for them to do just that. 

If you have any questions in how this can be done. just contact me at [email protected]. I can guarantee you that offering continued training and growth for your employees, your practice is going to be a much happier place. Why? Because people who work there are going to be happier.

Well, I hope this tip helps you. And like I said, just contact me if you have any questions.