Hi, it's Tina and welcome to today's One Minute Management Tip. I want to talk to you about a very serious topic. It's called energy. Our energy because without energy we can accomplish very little. Our mental stamina gets drained and we don't perform well in our daily lives and that includes being at work.

According to the Center for Disease Control, only 20 percent of Americans get enough aerobic exercise every single day. And 42 percent of American adults are stressed and they don't manage their stress well. And one out of three of those adults are stressed all day long by their jobs. This is a serious problem. We are in the healthcare industry. People come to see us because they have healthcare needs and if we aren't taking care of ourselves, how can we deliver quality patient care to those who come to see us?

If you're a Virtual Practice Management Institute member, you can find out more about taking care of yourself and delivering quality patient care by going into the module called Quality Patient Care and looking under the tab about the Me in Quality Patient Care and the You in Quality Patient Care.

If you're not a Virtual Practice Management Institute member, you can become one. All you have to do is go to toppractices.com and look up under the Practice Management tab. Contact us. We'd be glad to get you the information that you need. And if you have any questions, all you have to do is email me at [email protected].

Well, I hope you take this seriously and take care of yourself so that you can care for those who come in to see you at your practice every single day.