Delegation does not work without this. 

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Wishnie and here's another One Minute Practice Management Tip. Delegation does not work without accountability. If you truly love someone, make them accountable.

Imagine you have a child who's rude to an adult. What do you do? Well, you make them accountable for their actions. Otherwise, they grow up to be a spoiled adult. Well, you then delegated a task to your staff member. They just didn't do it. Do you let it go or do you hold them accountable? 

Accountability shows that you care about them. It helps your staff member grow professionally. You need to make sure they're doing their job and staying on task. So, follow up with them. See if they're doing their jobs and hitting their deadlines. So, if you really care, tell them you care and show them with accountability. So, with delegation and accountability, you will get more work done until next time, stay focused, my friends.