Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Wishnie and here's another One Minute Practice Management Tip.

So, you ever go to meetings and seminars and make a big list of all the things you need to do, but you never get to them, and months and months down the road, you see this listening say, "Hey, what happened to them?" Well, this is what you need to do. After you go to the meetings, take another day off the day after the meeting and just organize it. Organize it into areas of who you're going to delegate this action to and what you need to do right now. What are the one, two things that you need to do right now to reach your goals.

So, that's how you get things done and do it right away. If you don't do it right away, it will never happen. So stay focused, my friends. Get your list done and delegate properly. Have a nice day.