Hi, it's Tina and welcome to today's One Minute Management Tip. You know, we all wish that we had a team of self-motivated people to work with every day but that just isn't the case. But there is something doctor you can do, and office managers you can do to help create a warm, motivational atmosphere in your workplace. And you know what that is? That's giving everyone consistent feedback? Yes, everyone likes to know how they're doing at work and that they're doing well at work. You know that old saying that catch somebody doing something good instead of doing something incorrect? Well, you know what? That will pay off. When your employees know that you are watching and listening to what they're doing daily and then you go to them and you tell them, "Wow, I heard you talking to Mrs. Jones. You did a great job in handling how she was confused as to why she owed money. I really appreciate how you handled that. Good job!" That causes one person to become motivated. 

We all need to know that we're doing a good job. So make sure that you keep your ears and eyes peeled for your people at work doing something good and then tell them about it. 

Well, I hope this tip has given you an idea of what needs to happen in your workplace.