Hi, my name is Tina Del Buono. I'm a Practice Management Coach and Consultant for Top Practices in the Virtual Practice Management Institute. I am so excited to be able to talk to you today about one of our new programs on how to take charge of your medical practice and run it simply, smartly, and successfully.

Every practice needs to have a strong foundation and there are six foundational blocks that need to happen in order for your practice to continue to be successful year after year. In this program, we will cover those six blocks and we not only will talk to you about what they are, there is instruction on how to work through the foundational blocks and build them for your practice so that everyone in your practice knows what they're supposed to do, they know what they're accountable for, and you're able to set up successful, simple systems to be able to work every single day. And most of all, Doctor, with these systems set up, you will be able to check in easily on your medical practice to make sure that it is being run and everything is being done.

So, are you ready? Then let's get started because you know what, this program is 100% guaranteed. You have nothing to lose, you only have things to gain. And let me tell you, your staff is going to be so excited to know that you value them enough that you want to invest in their growth, and then the change in growth in the practice in order to be able to give quality patient care to the people who come to see you every single day.

I look forward to coaching you. Let's get started.