Do you have any idea what you want your practice to look and feel like? Is it really clear or just an idea in your head? In his book, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey wrote about beginning with the end in mind. Working every day without intention does not help you achieve your goals. Your goals can only be met if you have them and have them written down.

Knowing where you want to go this year or in the next three, five and 10 years is knowing the end in mind. How do you want your practice to be? What kind of patients do you want to see and how many hours do you want to work, are just some of the things you need to know if you're going to achieve the results you set out for. I want you to rub your lamp and let your energy come out and truly ask this genie what you really want.

Take your time to figure out a plan. Divide your office into departments, which I call an organization chart. These departments are as follows:

1. Personnel

2, Marketing and Public Relations

3. Production

4. Financial

5. Quality Control

6. Executive

On another video, I will discuss these departments in more detail, but for right now, just focus on what you want to accomplish in each department.

Now, quality control is you. Making sure what you want to achieve truly is happening. Now stay tuned for more information, and in the meantime, you can get started on how to get this done by going to the link below and order my book Running a Successful Practice Should be a Dream, Not a Nightmare.

Until next time, stay focused, my friends.