Hi I’m Dr. Peter Wishnie, and here is your One Minute Practice Management Tip. I am reading a book called The Fred Factor, it is by Mark Sanborn. I read this book many years ago and now I’m having my whole staff read this – it is an amazing book about customer service. In this book, it will tell you how to find great people who provide great customer service. Sometimes you can teach it, you know, sometimes it’s hard to teach empathy, but you want to find people who provide this great customer service and who are empathetic to your patient’s needs. So during the interview process, you can ask three questions that will help you find these traits and people who provide great customer service. These questions are as follows:

  1. Who are your heroes and why?
  2. Why would anyone do more than what was necessary of them?
  3. Tell me three things that would delight your customers, your patients.

By asking the right questions, you get the right answers, to hire the right people, to provide great customer service. They’re out there folks, you can go ahead and find them. Stay focused my friends, and until next time.