Hi, it's, Tina, and welcome to today's One Minute Management tip. Today I'm going to talk about accountability.

What is accountability? Well, let's think of a few things. It means responsibility. It means, maybe being punctual. Keeping your word - following through with the things that you're supposed to do. But most of all, if we want people to be accountable, they need to know what they're accountable for. And far too often this is something that doesn't happen in the medical practice and then people then aren't accountable and it becomes a difficult situation.

So, make sure that everyone in the practice knows what they're accountable for and to whom they're accountable to. And then, my one key tip for you today is that accountability really is measured by how you manage yourself.

So, think about it. How are you doing? What could you do better? How could you improve, as we always can improve. And if you have more questions or you want to learn more about how accountability plays in running your medical practice, simply, smartly, and successfully, then check out my new video series titled How to Take Charge of Your Medical Practice and Run it Simply, Smartly, and Successfully.

Remember you are accountable for what you do every single day.