Dr. Brandt Gibson"As you know lots has been happening and things moving forward in my practice as I desire.  In fact, we have been improving ever since joining Top Practices, but never at the rate we are now doing.  I decided this year to spend the money and bring my marketer AND my head medical assistant to the Summit.  This was the greatest move I could have ever done. 
The monies spent on flight, hotel and summit were repaid in a matter of days after returning.   The energy level of my experienced and well-functioning marketer has improved signimficantly.  Her drive to improve and excitement about her job has been enormous.  Although she was a very high functioning marketer before, she has in a matter of weeks taken giant steps forward and is already doing things we only talked about before.  That is what I expected from the Top Practices Summit, but that wasn’t all.
The biggest difference came from bringing my head medical assistant that functions more like an office manager in many respects in my practice.  I had her participate heavily in the whole process.   She has become a key employee with insights and energy that are allowing me to reach for goals that many will say are impossible.  She understands more fully what I am trying to do, understands how to help us make it happen and has the excitement and joy in her job that will make it happen.   That from an employee that was hired only 3 months before the Summit and stepped in when another employee went back to school.   Because of her natural abilities, her desire to succeed, her drive to help the practice run according to my vision and her new better understanding of that vision from the Summit, we will be breaking records in the practice and accomplishing things that I have been working for.    Did the Summit cause this to happen?  No, but it was a key piece of the puzzle in helping train her to think more like I think and to be willing to work toward goals without a limitation mindset.
Thanks Rem, for a job well done."
Dr. Brandt Gibson