“We’ve been in been in practice for 22 years. We attended a Top Practices meeting several years ago and we enjoyed it. But we didn’t really follow through with much at that time. We decided we needed something to really motivate us, so we decided to go to last year’s Top Practices Summit and really pay attention and see what we could take away and implement as much as we could.”

Dr. Richard Schorr“It’s the only meeting that’s not depressing. Everybody is upbeat—it’s true! I mean, a lot of podiatry meetings tend to…well, it’s the same old lectures you’ve heard 20 times, and the same people talking about how poorly insurance are reimbursing, and how they don’t have any free time. When you go to the Top Practices Summit, everybody’s happy, and everybody’s friendly, and everybody’s upbeat and trying to look at the positive side of practicing rather than all of the negatives. So that’s why we liked that meeting so much. We’re already signed up for this year’s.”

The Breakout Sessions at the Top Practices Summit

“I think that’s what started our motivation, those breakout sessions. Watching what other practices have accomplished from being in this. A lot of the people seem to have the same story. I think it’s nice to see people who’ve gone from point A to point B, and you know you’re at point A, so you know it’s possible.”

“We’ve implemented some of those things. Most of the things that have increased our revenue to this point are tips that we picked up at the Summit from lecturers or Rem himself.”

Dr. Richard Schorr - Boynton Beach, FL