Dr. Jane Graebner“In previous years when I read through Top Practices Summit brochure, I would skip right over the Marketeer of the Year contest.  After all, I wasn’t doing anything spectacular. We were just plodding along implementing as many new ideas as possible. But when I caught sight of the first prize last year, I promptly marched into my marketing director’s office and asked if he felt up to joining the contest.

You see, I can buy a camera or an i-pad or lights for taking videos on Amazon in the blink of an eye. But Rem had come up with something I couldn’t buy anywhere…. a full day of education and motivation for my staff and physicians by Rem Jackson himself. Plus, there was a bonus of further education with Peter Wishnie on subjects of my choosing. 

As they say the world of television advertising, this was PRICELESS! So we gave it our best shot in Virginia last fall and won that grand prize.  Rem drove all the way to Ohio on a snowy February Wednesday night complete with an excellent bottle of wine, of course. After a dinner to introduce him to my two associates, we started bright and early the next morning for 8 hours of sheer magic.

My staff that had never listened to such ideas before was mesmerized and enlightened to the world of goal setting, effective communication, and their role in marketing our practice.  The enthusiasm and camaraderie that resulted from that one day continues to be rekindled throughout the months. I caught one team member discussing that day with a new hire and she was excited to share the message she took away from that seminar day.

Dr. Graebner's Office

I am grateful to Rem for sharing his expertise with my staff and doctors and bringing his unique gifts to our practice.  It changed attitudes and focuses that day and brought us together in a way we had never experienced. 

Best of luck to all the offices who enter the contest.  This is a prize worth striving for!" 

Jane E. Graebner, D.P.M. - Delaware, OH