“Talking to other docs! Love meeting everyone. Going home with so many great ideas.”
Misty McNeill, DPM - Elmhurst, IL

“Lots of great ideas. Jeff Olson’s book is a life-changer—thanks for recommending it! Peter Wishnie is an inspiration. Can’t wait to learn more from him. I love how positive the atmosphere is here!”
Marilee Silvester ~ Darren Silvester, DPM - Pleasanton, TX

“Excellent speakers. Rem—a good diversity of speakers. A large number of great ideas. Jay and Peter great ideas and protocols.”
Joseph Taub, DPM - Stuart, FL

“Learning new tips/tricks other offices are doing that work, which will help our office grow.”
Rhonda Mellencamp ~ Walt Warren, DPM - Seymour, IN