Summit 2021 Feedback

"By far the best practice management conference around that has doctors with the same mindset willing to share their knowledge. Most ideas are able to be implemented immediately into your practice. This conference will help you transform your practice."
Jennifer Sartori, DPM


“As usual, the content of the Summit was extraordinary, but the break Saturday night to absorb and collect our thoughts as well as mastermind time with others was very beneficial!”
Robert Parker, DPM – Houston, TX


Truong Testimonial

"What is great about the Top Practices Summit - Everything!!! Ideas, networking, fresh perspectives and motivation. All of these and more come from attending the Summit. Simply the best investment of time and money a doctor can make into their practice. "
Viedra Ellison, DPM


Dr. Branca Summit Testimonial

"The number of new ideas, new contacts, new resources and enthusiasm you walk away with every year is astounding! There is no other conference you can go to every year that can provide you with new information and renewed enthusiasm each and every year you attend.”
Amy Miller-Guhl, DPM – Waukesha, WI 


"Presenters are actual physicians, presenting actual successes and numbers. Words are not as good as good old-fashioned facts (the numbers.)"
Paul Steinke, DPM


Dr.Ripepi Summit Testimonial

“The Goal Setting workshop was the best part of Summit. I really enjoyed to be put into a situation to get to meet and mingle with new people. I don’t know if I would have done it otherwise if it weren’t for the goals workshop.”
Lindsey Overman


"I loved the medical staff workshop. As a Medical Assistant for 20 years, it was wonderful to have information that I did not know. It is great to still learn. It is great to get information about working together and how to best help the doctor and the office to succeed."
Celia Gonzalez


Neibauer Testimonial

"I loved all of the practical suggestions for marketing. I had all of the “head knowledge” coming in, but it was great to hear from marketers making it happen in real life."
Cheryl Carlson


“This conference has inspired me not only to be a good marketer but also a better person in all areas in my life. I feel very excited, and I have gotten all tools necessary to be great!”
Trisha Cooney


Sarah Stewart, DPM

"I loved how we could speak w/other private practice owners, get their contact information and share ideas, struggles, and things that have really worked in their practices."
Jenny Block


Dr. Robinson Summit Testimonial
“The Top Practices Summit gives you the resources to lead your practice. You learn to be a coach of your team at home and at work.”
Rick Martin, DPM – York, PA


"What is great about the Top Practices Summit – everything!!! Ideas, networking, fresh perspectives and motivation. All of these and more come from attending the Summit. Simply the best investment of time and money a doctor can make into their practice."
Dan Shanahan, DPM


Rudolph La Fontant, DPM Summit Testimonial

"I truly enjoyed being able to meet other people doing the same things, working through the same problems and celebrating the same successes as me being able to network with other practices near and far. I found all the speakers inspiring in their own way and I feel like I am leaving here and returning home with new insights, desires, and creative ideas and a lot of excitement for the future!"

Chelsie Spears


Dr. Tara Scott Summit Testimonial
"My husband and I have been attending the Top Practices Summit for 10 years now. It has been the best business investment in our 18 years of practice. Every year there is always a takeaway to implement in the office. The other benefit is meeting other like-minded managers with similar issues or challenges. The conference re-energizes my soul and motivates me to become a better manager and owner. Thank you!"
Krista Neibauer


"This was my first time attending the Summit. I love the community that Top Practices has created! I feel so inspired and lucky to be a part of this so early in my career."

Courtney Foote, DPM


"I love hearing from different practices from across the states and knowing that I am not alone in problems I face and hearing the solutions that I may not have gotten from inside my practice."
Alyssa Pina


Dr. Lockwood Summit Testimonial

“The small group interactive sessions with new peopled opened my mind to new ideas and allowed me to share things with others that they didn’t know that I learned and implemented since becoming a member of Top Practices. Thanks so much to Rem Jackson for coaching us over the year to get us where we are today!”
Tracy Bacik - Roscommon, MI


“This meeting is chock full of information and great ideas. It is exciting to think about the future and develop an action plan to implement all the ideas.”
Mark Gasparini, DPM – Massapequa, NY


“[The] round table conversations were not only informative and eye opening but supportive. Very positive responses—no negativity! Everyone was engaged in the subjects at the round tables. Rem said this would happen, but to see it unfold in front of me was a beautiful thing.”
Lori Leibovitz - Indianapolis, IN


"Hands down the BEST marketing conference for podiatrists and staff. What’s great about attending the Summit is not only learning about the importance of systems, the four pillars of marketing and mindset, but having the tools to implement these principles in order to acquire new patients and grow."
Justin LoBello, DPM

Dr. Birnbaum Summit Testimonial


Carrollo Testimonial
“I loved the mastermind groups! It was really helpful to hear about the success and mistakes other offices were dealing with. Even though some of the issues were not applicable to my office, some of the solutions were. I am really excited to go back to our office and talk about implementing some of these solutions.”
Juli Gibson - American Fork, UT


"I always look forward to the Summit and all the great ideas that come from it. Yet I am still amazed at how much I learn and take back with me. A lot of that comes from the round table discussions, and that is what I like the best."
Laura DePalma


“The best part of Summit was marketing: The depth that we covered was great! The topics were good and appreciated. Our practice currently has a good website, but now I know there are many updates and changes that should be made.”
Marshal Guyna


“The best part of Summit is the positive influence that all speakers and attendees share with everyone. I also enjoy the ability to share very sensitive/valuable information about an individual’s practice.”
Brandon Percival, DPM – Lancaster, SC


"I enjoyed connecting with like-minded office managers, especially the problem/ solution exercise. It’s nice to know we are not alone and our situations may have different solutions when viewed by fresh eyes."
Jill Walter


“The Small Practice Session was my favorite – Drs. Schneider and Gibson gave a talk that was structured and well organized, but also spontaneous and entertaining.”
Richard Graves, DPM – Long Beach, CA






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