16th Annual Summit Opening Session

The Top Practices Summit opens with an information-packed, high-energy session led by Top Practices Founder and CEO, Rem Jackson, and the most successful Top Practices doctors. Your chosen profession is a key to achieving prosperity, which is something much greater than success. The great challenge facing everyone (not just podiatrists) is recruiting, hiring, training, and then performing at a high level with their A-team staff. No challenge is greater in the new labor market created by the pandemic. Why then, do a small few of us seem to find great people, keep them, and build excellence with them while most of us just can’t break the cycle and are left with too much work, too little time, too much stress, and burnout?

Rem Jackson

There are answers. There are strategies, tools, and tactics that will forever allow you to build an incredible team and reclaim your personal life while earning significantly more money.

In this opening session, Rem and Top Practices doctors who have “cracked the code” share how you can accomplish all of this. It all starts here. You CAN do this.

Be sure your travel plans make it possible for you to be in your seat and ready when the conference opens at 5:30 PM. This is one of the most anticipated sessions at the Summit and will set the pace for your next 12 months.


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Summit on Sunday

Doctors, like all professionals (and everyone else), struggle with sorting out how to use their time the most effective while seemingly sprinting through the day seeing high patient volume, treating those patients, finishing paperwork, and then trying to squeeze in all that is involved in running a business. When the pundits say doctors can’t do it by themselves any longer this is one of the main things they point to. It’s a shame these same pundits never studied foundational business principles that can solve these problems.

Fact: Yes! you can do all of the above and market your practice and coach soccer if you choose. Our proof? Everyone leading this session does it now and makes it look easy.

Workshop Top Objectives:

  • Attack the THREE TOP CHALLENGES everyone faces:
    • Nowhere near enough time to get the mountain of work and responsibilities done in the day
    • A seemingly revolving door of staff and an inability to create a high-performance team that loves coming to work
    • Lack of a step-by-step system or playbook that accomplishes your essential practice goals and objectives
  • How to never allow anyone else to possess the key to you having a great day
  • The TOP THREE THINGS you need to do to build your patient volume online and offline
  • Incentivizing your staff through bonuses and compensation - what works and what’s useless
  • How to benefit from video even if you think you’ve got a face for radio
  • A simple system to be able to say anything (appropriate of course) to anyone so they HEAR you
  • The top numbers you must know to steer your practice
  • How to optimize the associate/employer doctor relationship and results for both
  • AND much more…this workshop could transform your practice results. (DO NOT schedule your return flight so that it will cause you to miss any of this day). We mean it!

Building a Top Practice and a team that works together, like great teams can, is not something that just happens when you hire good people. Yes, you need good people, but they need a structure and culture that turns them loose and makes your entire practice and all who work there soar. It requires a coach who knows how to coach, and a team that knows how to do what needs to be done and is very clear about when and where to do it. Your team wants to work with a group like this and will rise to the challenge if they (and you) only know where to start.


Summit on Sunday Track 2

Have you ever wanted to attend a TRUE MARKETING MASTERMIND MEETING? This year we are offering exactly that to our marketers and anyone in the practice that that wants to attend.

On Saturday (Day two of the Summit), you will have already seen dozens of truly great marketing ideas you’ve not seen before. On Sunday, for the entire day, this group (always a smaller group) will engage in a true, facilitated, mastermind meeting. Here is what will happen in the marketing meeting on Sunday:

  • You will come to know each other by the end of the day.
  • You will work in small groups discussing, learning, and sharing strategies that help each other move forward, get unstuck, and knock your marketing numbers out of the ballpark.
  • You will be joined by Internet Marketing experts to learn what you need to know to make the adjustments that will get your marketing flying.
  • You will be joined by additional marketing experts who understand shoe leather marketing, database marketing, copywriting, social media strategies.
  • You will leave with every question answered.
  • You will leave with a new mastermind group that knows what everyone else is going through and Rem will facilitate a three-month, closed membership group, composed of those of you that attend the meeting in Denver. He will then guide you on how to maintain this group and create a resource beyond your wildest ideas. THIS ALONE is a reason to come to Denver. Tell your doctors about this because they get all the benefits from making this possible. If needed tell Rem to talk to them about it. 

Remember this isn’t rocket science: Patients come to your practice from only four places:

  • The Internet
  • Medical and non-medical referral sources around your practice
  • Your list of people who know you, like you, and trust you
  • The community

That is why the Top Practices method for marketing is called The Four Pillars of Marketing. If you could get only 5% better in each of your marketing pillars, you could get 20% better results across the board.

We’ve never done it like this before. No guarantees we will do it next year. DON’T MISS THIS MASTERMIND WITHIN A CONFERENCE. Join Rem, his exceptional team, and some of the best podiatric practice marketers in the country for a full-day devoted to the very best in podiatry practice marketing.

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Summit on Sunday Track 3

This unique workshop is designed for practice administrators, managers, billers, front and back office staff who will work for some of the workshop together, and for some of the workshop in small groups broken up by title and job duties. All will be coordinated and the main objectives. The small groups will roll back together to address how all roles can more effectively accomplish the work while reducing stress and waste.

Workshop Top Objectives:

  • Attack the THREE TOP CHALLENGES you face:
    • Unlocking the keys to getting your work done in the time you’ve got (this is for every team member’s individual roles)
    • Knowing how to use systems (and learning the top systems) to make your patient care even better and your peace of mind significantly better. (It IS possible, we promise)
    • Turn your team into a team of people that want to work with each other and that others want to join
  • How to never allow anyone else to possess the key to you having a great day
  • How to communicate with each other so well that you actually hear each other and make things better "Keeping your team on the "green" and not in the "rough"
  • How to keep you and your doctor(s) on the same page
  • Setting up successful expectations for the manager’s position (Does your doctor know what your job description is? Do you?)
  • AND much more…this workshop could transform your days. (DO NOT schedule your return flight so that it will cause you to miss any of this day. We mean it!)

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