15th Annual Summit

The Top Practices Summit opens with an information-packed, high-energy session led by Top Practices Founder and CEO, Rem Jackson, and the most successful Top Practices doctors. Your chosen profession is a key to achieving prosperity, which is something much greater than success. The great challenge facing everyone (not just podiatrists) is an inability to control our schedule and use our time effectively. Everyone has the same number of minutes in a day and we all breath the same air. Why then, do some of us seem to get seemingly ridiculous amounts of work done and move forward to ever greater achievement while most of us just can’t break the bonds of too much work, too little time, too much stress, and burnout? 

Rem Jackson

There are answers. There are strategies, tools, and tactics that will forever allow you to get control of your schedule and reclaim your personal life while earning significantly more money. In this opening session, Rem and Top Practices doctors who have “cracked the code” share the first play in the Playbook. It all starts here.

Be sure your travel plans make it possible for you to be in your seat and ready when the conference opens at 5:30 PM. This is one of the most anticipated sessions at the Summit and will set the pace for your next 12 months. 








Saturday Session



Saturday Workshops


This workshop is designed to teach you the third play in the Playbook. Marketing your practice online and in the “real world” that fills your office every day with the number of high-quality patients that you want and need to see in order to build the successful practice you want. Answers to more of your online marketing questions, and exactly how to increase your physician referrals, patient referrals, and reactivations.

Find out the most underutilized and free tool available to you and how to grow your patient volume while filling your treatment rooms with the exact kinds of patients you would rather be seeing each and every day in clinic. 





The MOST POPULAR sessions every year are the presentations by the winners of the Top Practices Awards: Marketer of the Year

• The Innovator Award • The Drive Award • and more.

These specific, in-depth case studies are shared by practices just like yours who blew the doors off their marketing and management from start to finish and achieved their goals. Play number 4 in the Playbook is to just follow in their footsteps and hit your own ball right out of the park. Every year EVERYONE is blown away by these outstanding presentations and leave with pages filled with some of the best ideas they’ve ever heard. This year you will benefit from these in-depth, IN-PERSON case studies. 



Play 5 in the Playbook is to leave this Summit with a marketing plan you and your team can begin on Monday morning. Using the Top Practice Marketing Tools, build your own marketing plan designed to comfortably fit your budget, capabilities, and time constraints. Without a plan, it’s all just wishes. If we build it, they will come. 







Sunday Choose the Workshop

Patients come to your practice from only four places:

✓ The Internet

✓ Medical and non-medical referral sources around your practice

✓ Your list of people who know you, like you, and trust you

✓ The community

That is why the Top Practices method for marketing is called The Four Pillars of Marketing.

Returning by popular demand, the new Full-Day Workshop led by Top Practices Founder, Rem Jackson, an entire team of marketing experts and “in-the-trenches” marketers.

Join Rem, his exceptional team, and some of the best podiatric practice marketers in the country for a full-day devoted to the very best in podiatry practice marketing.


Doctors, like all professionals (and everyone else), struggle with sorting out how to use their time the most effectively while seemingly sprinting through the day seeing high patient volume, treating those patients, finishing paperwork, and then trying to squeeze in all that is involved in running a business. When the pundits say doctors can’t do it by themselves any longer, this is one of the main things they point to. It’s a shame these same pundits never studied foundational business principles that can solve these problems.

Fact: Yes, you can do all of the above and market your practice and coach soccer if you choose. Our proof? Everyone leading this session does it now and makes it look easy. It’s play number 7 in our Playbook.

In this hyper-focused workshop, doctors and their key staff members will delve deep into understanding and developing a well-balanced mix of skills they must learn to flourish as a medical practice team in this complex time of rapid change and challenge. There is a process you must follow to fully flourish and thrive. It isn’t easy but it is so worth it.



Systems Workshop




Slight Edge Workshop

The most important word in the quote above is ACTIVELY. If you follow your diet or exercise plan and are actively immersed in it, one year from now the results will be dramatic. If you resolve to meet with your staff weekly, track your numbers, train on your systems, and achieve your goals and are actively immersed in it one year from now your practice will be unrecognizable (and in a good way - a great way!) 

Problem is we don’t do it. We fall off the wagon and gain back all the weight or stop working out, or stop meeting with our staff, or stop reviewing our numbers or stop...you get the point, and you know what it is for you. The big question is why? Why do we do this? A more important question is: “Is there a way to stay actively immersed in the process?” Yes! Play number 9 in our Playbook is addressed in this session: you will learn how to finally stop procrastinating and actually start doing what you know you should do. We all deal with this, winners leave it in their past.


There is no denying that private practice is under attack and being a small medical office is increasingly complex and frustrating. Of course, it is. So is much of life in the 21st century and that is before we even consider pandemics, wild weather, polarized and divisive political discourse. BUT that will not be improving any time soon. We can hope it will and we can do our part, but that is not up to us. What IS 100% UNDER OUR OWN CONTROL is our own daily mindset and commitment to crafting our lives as we see fit. No one has taken away that ability from any one of us.

So, there is a revolution (a renaissance) coming in private podiatric practice. When you look around, you see others like you who aren’t retiring yet, aren’t selling out, and aren’t working for big systems. You will see small and solo private practitioners who are in it for their careers. And you see many of them just getting started. As the whole system shakes out in the next 3-5 years there will be a land rush to private practice. It will be The New Thing. Why not start now? In our final session, the last play in the Playbook will be revealed to position you to take maximum advantage and perfectly position you and your practice for what is coming quickly. 


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