What: A 4-hour boot camp on Saturday, January 16th, 11 AM  – 4 PM EST led by Rem Jackson for doctors who join the Top Practices Mastermind Group before January 15th. This boot camp will be delivered over Zoom.

Cost: Included for free when you join the Top Practices Mastermind Group before January 15th. The Kickstart is exclusively available to new Top Practices Members.

The Top Practices Mastermind Group is the heart of Top Practices and has been led by Rem Jackson since January 2007. It is THE vehicle through which hundreds of podiatrists have transformed their practices into the profitable, low-stress practice they know it can be.


Exclusive 2021 Kick Start Boot Camp Offer

All New Top Practices Members Receive: 

  • Free registration to the Kickstart 2021 Boot Camp with Rem Jackson on January 16, 2021
  • Monthly personal accountability and training directly from Rem Jackson using the Top Practices Podiatry Practice Prosperity Growth Program
  • 24/7 access to the Top Practices Marketing and Business Development Online Library
  • The Top Practices Mastermind Group Network Meeting twice a month with the best podiatry marketers and practices in the world
  • The Top Practices Mindset Call each month which focuses on how successful, productive, effective business owners think and perform
  • Podiatry Prosperity” by Rem Jackson 
  • “The Podiatry Practice Business Solution" by Dr. Peter Wishnie 
  • The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson
  • And more…

Simply join Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group (only $397/month) on or before Jan 15, 2021 and you are registered for the Kickstart 2021 Boot Camp. The Kickstart is a one-day training led by Rem Jackson in which you will:

  • Lock down the top 3 goals you need to accomplish by March 31, 2021 to reset your practice results. Yes, you CAN do this!
  • Quickly build and use a simple, but very powerful marketing planning calendar that you and your staff can easily commit to using to fill your treatment rooms.
  • Identify your main challenges and know what steps to take next to overcome and eliminate them.
  • Understand the simple but important business skills you need to leverage your efforts and get your nights and weekends back under your control.
  • Start enjoying and looking forward to running your practice each and every day.

When you join the Top Practices Mastermind Group there are no contracts. You remain a member only if you are benefiting and profiting from membership in this exclusive group.

Hear what your colleagues say about how the Top Practices Mastermind Group has changed their practices and their lives.  Top Practices Testimonials


"I've been a member of Top Practices for about a year now. And it's been incredible just to help me shorten my learning curve and learn ways that I can more effectively upgrade my practice and market it to the community. The experience of everybody has been invaluable in shortening my learning curve and making me be more successful.

If someone's thinking about joining Top Practices, they should do so without hesitation. It is so uplifting and so helpful. Just drop what you're doing and sign up right now."

-Thomas T. Pignetti, DPM - The Woodlands, Texas

2021 holds an enormous opportunity for you. The board was reset in 2020 and the wake-up call came to all of us. Did you hear it? Most people didn’t hear it, but for those who did this is a moment in time to recommit and reinvigorate your practice and even your career.

There are those who want to predict doom and gloom for private podiatric practice. They point to consolidation efforts by private equity groups and ravenous hospital systems buying everything in sight, and the usual chorus about how hard it is for individual doctors to go it alone.

“Balderdash! Malarky I say!”

– Rem Jackson every time he hears this 

Private podiatric practices are remarkably resilient. They do well and even grow in down economic markets, and they certainly have proven to be essential in this pandemic crisis we are all still facing. Over 90% of Top Practices Mastermind Group members are at 100% or more of their pre-COVID production levels. And many report that 2020 is their best year in practice ever.

I have seen more young doctors buying practices or starting from scratch in the last 6 months than I have in the last 6 years.

Private practice is soon going to be experiencing a renaissance and 5 years from now when the private equity groups have taken their profits and left podiatry, small (1-5) doctor podiatry practices will be thriving.

Here is the truth: You might think I’m a Pollyanna with rose-colored glasses who is just wrong about this, OR, you might think I’m right.  Either way, you will be right for you. Henry Ford famously said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”

And here is the really good news: It is up to you. It is under your control. How you think and behave is controlled by you and you alone. Nothing else matters.

All you need is a playbook and a coach. A new playbook that puts the knowledge and the skills in your hands. A coach that shows you how it’s done.

That is exactly what I have done for 14 years for hundreds of podiatrists who have taken their practices to new heights they didn’t even know were possible.

That is the mission and the plan for our Top Practices Mastermind Group Members.

If you are ready to reset and reinvigorate your practice, to increase your patient flow to the levels and quality you know it can be, and to increase your income and profits to the levels you desire them to be., then join Top Practices now, and join me in the 2021 Kickstart Bootcamp - a Top Practices Event for New Members Only.