Newsletters that you both e-mail to your patients and have printed and mailed to them are one of the most effective tools you have for marketing your podiatry practice. The beauty is that you are marketing by simply teaching and staying in touch, and by not selling.

Newsletters are also one of the most underutilized tools that doctors have available. Your database of patients and contacts is the most valuable asset you have in your practice, other than yourself and your well-trained staff. Communicating to this list of people, nurturing those relationships, and keeping them close to you results in significantly increased referrals and reactivations. It’s really that simple and yet so misunderstood. People will forget your name in 3-9 months if you don’t stay in touch.  Every professional practice—every business that understands this simple concept—finds their reception room full of patients who need and want their services.

When you produce an interesting newsletter (not a boring one), you have an audience waiting for it that actually wants to read it. Believe it or not, people will ask you where your newsletter is if you miss sending it out for some reason, but only if it is interesting and engaging. Producing fresh content every month ensures you stay in regular contact with this list of people who are happy to refer and return to you.

This is also a fantastic tool for letting patients know about services you have and conditions you treat, so they are regularly reminded how you can help them. If you aren’t already taking advantage of this, you should be. That’s why we have taken all the challenges and roadblocks to producing newsletters out of the way by creating a special Top Practices newsletter for podiatry offices that we customize specifically for you. You can e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at (717) 725-2679 for more information about this service and find out how Top Practices can help you grow your practice.

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC