What should I include in my newsletter to make sure my patients read it?

There are 5 components that I believe make for a successful, interesting newsletter:

  1. Top Practices Podiatry NewsletterCustomization - an article pertaining to a treatment or product you offer or specialize in.  Remember, patients you have seen for ingrown toenails may not know that you offer KeryFlex or have a laser.  Information or news you’d like to personally share with your patients can be included in a "special note" from the doctor.  Example: “A Note from Dr. Jones: Many of our patients suffering from Neuropathy are experiencing tremendous results from MicroVas – here is how it works and here is what I want you to know about it” Simply a short blurb about patient successes or trends you are seeing. 
  2. Unique personalization - a piece of information such as “Office News”, "Employee Spotlight”, “Community Fundraisers We Participate In”, “Dr. Jones Ran this 5K last month”, or "Patient Success Story” - include photos and testimonials.
  3. Educational Information - including educational information regarding foot health, prevention or overall health and wellness. This can be broadened to diversify your newsletter to include tips on diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Call to Action - “Ask and you shall receive.” Ask your patients for referrals. Ask them to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Ask them to write reviews or participate in your community happenings. Or, have fun contests featuring winners in future newsletters.
  5. “Fluff” - this is fun content! "Fun Foot Facts", "Prettiest Feet Contests", "Puzzles", "Recipe Contests", or "Funny Pet Photos". You can make this interactive with your patients or just give them something fun to read or do.


How often should I send a newsletter? Isn’t every month too often?

Every month is the only way! Consistent communication with your patients ensures they’ll see you more, they’ll see you for different services you offer, they'll send you referrals, and they'll be informed patients.

Your patients know you and trust you and will appreciate your newsletter and the information you are giving them.  It tells them you care about them and their health and you are the only doctor for them, because you are the expert.

Don’t believe me? Just ask them. They’ll tell you! If your newsletter is done right your patients will talk about it, share it with others, and will tell you what their favorite part of the newsletter is each month. 

Be sure everyone in the office is asking at intake/check-out and have plenty of newsletters on-hand in the office to offer new patients. 

If you have any more questions or would like to learn more about Top Practices newsletter content, you can contact us at [email protected] or call us at (717) 725-2679.

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