You know everything you need to know, but you aren’t doing it.

What’s the Deal?

This is the big thing that I have been noodling about for the past few years. Why is it that when we lay everything out before our doctors, WE get different results? We know our principles of marketing work – we have proven that over and over – and yet, some doctors quit and go try something else because they are convinced it won’t work FOR THEM. They can’t dispute that it works for others – just not for them, not in their market. Now, we KNOW it will work FOR THEM IN THEIR MARKET. Why didn’t it work?

Answer: They didn’t really do it.

If they had, they would have achieved transformative and ridiculously positive results.

What’s the difference? It’s certainly The Slight Edge, in many cases.

You Aren’t Doing It

So if you aren’t getting the results from the things you know how to do, chances are you aren’t doing them, or you aren’t doing them right and haven’t figured that out. Or a better way to say it is that you haven’t tried to figure out why.

The actions that will enable you to achieve all the success you desire are easy to do and are also easy not to do.

People always want to know how to do something, but The Slight Edge Philosophy states that it is HOW YOU DO THE “HOWS” that matters. It is your philosophy that creates your attitude, and your actions, and results – AND THIS CREATES YOUR LIFE.

The Slight Edge

How would you like to get your website to 20,000 unique visitors in one month like my Top Practices member Dr. Andrew Schneider, from Houston, TX, gets every month with his Foster Web Marketing site? (This translates into 5-7 new patients from his website EVERY DAY, by the way.) Add one piece of content every day to your website for one year like he has done for the last four years. Want to speed it up? Make it two, or even three. That’s it.

Marketing Nirvana, the slight edge way.

It will be very easy not to buy and devour this fabulous book. It’s just as easy to buy it now! And get started now. It’s a slight edge.

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