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Unless you have earned an MBA in addition to your DPM, it is unlikely that you've had much, if any, training on how to create, implement, and maintain effective management systems and protocols.  In fact, most university management programs are not that helpful because they are so theoretical. The top source you have for learning systems and protocols are other successful podiatry practices.  It is true that it is rare for competitors to share their best ideas with each other, but luckily, in podiatry, there are sources for this kind of help and support.  The pages of this magazine are an excellent source of great resources and ideas that are shared monthly by your colleagues.  The AAPPM is a rich source of education and support.  Composed entirely of doctors and their staff who are committed to sharing their knowledge with each other, this group has multiple meetings throughout the year you can attend to learn from the best practice managers in the country. You can find out more about the AAPPM at

The resources in podiatry don't stop at these two excellent sources.  There are more opportunities to learn from excellent sources in podiatry and you must seek them out.  You will not achieve the comprehensiveness of care you will need to thrive in the future without the support of your fellow practitioners.  No one person or practice can do this alone.  Find like-minded doctors and their practice managers and begin today to learn what you need to know to succeed.  The alternative is to be filled with dread about the next thing the government is going to do to us.

Integrating Proven Ancillary Services

A key strategy in support of practicing comprehensively is integrating proven ancillary products and services directly into your protocols. This accomplishes several key objectives: First it enables you to offer a high level of convenience to your patients which can translate into higher compliance on their part.  Instead of running all over town for products they need, they are able to "one stop shop" right in your office.  Second, it empowers you to more comprehensively treat your patients and achieve better outcomes in their health.  Third, if you are wise about selecting proven, high-quality ancillary services you can generate more profits in your practice and maximize your bottom line.  These proven services are reviewed and discussed regularly in these pages. Networking with other doctors is essential for your success in this area because it allows you to learn from mistakes (and positives) that your colleagues have already made and are willing to share.

Stay tuned for the next Keystone Strategy that will enable your practice to succeed.

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