The Keystone Supports Everything

Obamacare (or whatever care) is sure to make the future remain interesting, but by focusing on two Keystone Strategies: Comprehensiveness of Care, and Differentiation, you can find your way to success.

In Charles Duhiggs book, "The Power of Habit", he demonstrates that it isn't necessary -or even possible -to focus on all of the habits you need to change in order to transform yourself.  Simply focusing on one central habit allows you to change many. The third component is to attack this over time, in a Slight Edge way and ENJOY the process and the results.

As you look forward, it can be daunting to think about the sheer complexity that is required to just stay current.  And this complexity is rapidly accelerating as well.  It's enough to make you want to leave and try something else.  But that would be a serious miscalculation. Medicine isn't especially cursed in this regard -it just seems that way to you because you are a doctor and are in the middle of it.  All professions and all businesses have serious complexity to deal with too.  Changing now would just land you in the same problem in a business for which you have much less training and no experience.

Instead, you must resolve (don't decide or plan to do this that's not strong enough -you must RESOLVE to do this), instead resolve to intensively focus like a Laser Beam on two Keystone Strategies: Comprehensiveness of Care, and Differentiation.  The rest will follow and fall into place and you will find yourself enjoying your chosen profession again and in ever increasing amounts.

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