Is it possible that you could focus on one or two Keystone Strategies in your practice and have dozens of less essential strategies and tactics begin to come together automatically? Could there be Keystone Strategies to enable your practice to thrive in a future with Obamacare at the center?

This is a question that was discussed in depth by the leaders of the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management during their November 2012 board of trustees meeting.  These doctors were discussing the worries and concerns of their colleagues about the significant changes that are coming.  They know that podiatrists are looking for answers to the questions raised by the environment in which they are now practicing.  This group identified two Keystone Strategies that if implemented, would enable their colleagues to not only survive the next five years, but actually thrive.  They are:

  • Comprehensiveness of Care
  • Differentiation

These two strategies are keystone strategies because in order to implement them correctly, other strategies and tactics must be employed in order to succeed.  They are the central supporting element in the plan to thrive as a practitioner, not just survive, and when implemented, the supporting strategies and tactics cascade below them to build the entire structure.  These two strategies done in a Slight Edge Approach WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE -but again the trick is to actually do this and not stop -never stop.

Comprehensiveness of Care

Podiatrists are fortunate to have a specialty that encompasses so much of human anatomy.  Practicing comprehensively allows the full range of services that a modern podiatrist can offer to be utilized to achieve optimal outcome for patients.  Comprehensiveness of Care begins, however, before the patient ever enters the office, and this keystone strategy can be divided into three supporting strategies:

  • Effectively using management systems and protocols
  • Networking with other successful practices
  • Integrating proven ancillary services

Next week I’ll start explaining these three strategies in detail, and how you can implement them in your practice.

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