Dr. Marybeth Crane Shares One of Her Secrets to Her Success

Dr. Mary Beth Crane

This year is Top Practices' 10-year anniversary, and we're celebrating an incredible decade of growth and success for our members. From starting with just a handful of podiatrists to working regularly with hundreds of physicians across North America and Australia, so much has changed—but several of our incredible members have been along for the whole ride. Dr. Mary Beth Crane is one of those highly successful podiatrists who has been a part of Top   Practices practically since the beginning. 

Dr. Crane first met Rem Jackson at an AAPPM seminar ten years ago. Her office administrator heard him speak first and introduced the two of them, sure that his ideas could benefit the practice:

“Rem had a lot of fresh, new ideas at that time. I mean, ten years ago the internet marketing component of most people's practices was next to zero. Everyone's website was more cookie cutterish. He had some great ideas about expanding our reach.

Since that fateful meeting and subsequently joining the brand-new Top Practices, Dr. Crane's practice has grown and changed dramatically: “We thought that we had it all together until we met Rem. Slowly over a period of time, we grew our practice internally as well as externally. We changed...the way we trained our staff—I mean everything, from the way we answered the phone to how we marketed to our patients, changed over a period of time all because of different meetings along the way with Top Practices.” 

Three Big Benefits to Top Practices Membership

Dr. Mary Beth Crane and Rem Jackson“I think another big benefit of Top Practices is Rem. You can bounce anything off of Rem and he won't think you're an idiot. He has a lot of really good insight into the human psyche when it comes to marketing, but also when it comes to hiring and firing staff, managing staff, managing employees, managing other physicians, I think that his wealth of knowledge is a really great asset to our practice and to other practices across the country.

“You know, the second thing I think is really important is the masterminding. Having a large group of like-minded physicians—or not so like-minded physicians!—to bounce ideas off of and say, hey, I'm trying this and it worked, or I tried this and it didn't work, so that you're not constantly having to be the beta subject for everything. If you throw it out there, 'Hey, what is everyone doing about dispensing wound care products in the office,' and then you get forty different people answering, you get a lot of different perspectives, and I think that's incredibly valuable. The way medicine is these days, we're all in our own little bubble. And without the Mastermind group, we never really get outside the bubble and see what's going on in other places—things that may work or may not work for you.

“The third thing is the amount of associates that Rem has. If you have a problem and Rem is not the expert, he probably has an expert in his pocket, whether it's for]your website, or you need insight for personalities—how to hire and fire people—or if you need someone to evaluate your practice, he's got people along the way. Billing people. It's amazing the amount of reach that Rem has. That's also valuable, having a foothold into his Rolodex. People that you can trust, because he trusts them.

Over 400% GrowthOver 400% Growth

As a result of learning and making changes that worked for her unique practice, her business grew substantially every year after becoming a member.

Dr. Crane understands very well that growth and success aren't just one-time changes, either. Medicine and marketing evolve, so practices need to evolve as well: “Once you figure out a [marketing] formulation that works, unfortunately...with time and changes with insurance companies and people's habits and technology, you have to keep changing it. […] Because we have been able to be a part of a group that provided different perspectives from across the country, we've been able to stay ahead of the changes in medicine, which is why I think that we've been so successful.”

And her practice certainly has been successful. They've grown by over 400% since they first joined the Mastermind group and started making changes ten years ago. They've also expanded from three to six doctors.

We're thrilled with the way Dr. Mary Beth Crane and her practice have grown over the last ten years, and we're excited to see the new heights she and her team will continue to reach as they continue to pursue excellence and their goals. If you're a podiatrist and looking to grow, start with Top Practices. Our tried-and-true approach to marketing a podiatry practice has worked for Dr. Crane and hundreds of others, so it can work for you, too. Visit our website at www.TopPractices.com  or contact us with your questions. You can e-mail [email protected] or call (717) 725-2679 to reach us.

We are Dedicated to Your Success

PS: We will give Dr. Crane the last word:

“I think that becoming part of Top Practices is walking into a group of people that are just there to help you be the best you can be. It's not really judgmental. We don't compare my practice is small versus yours is gigantic. It doesn't whether you're a one-doc-shop, or you have ten people working for you, or you have fifty people working for you. It's all mindset. Once you learn that mindset, it really does translate to everything in your life. You'd be surprised how Top Practices helps you focus on growing your practice, but also on growing yourself. The success is just amazing.”


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