Ten years ago in 2007, Top Practices began helping podiatrists of all walks of life achieve their goals and grow their practices. Now, ten years later, we've worked with hundreds of Dr. Khosroabadi - Member of Top Practicespodiatrists across North America and even in Australia and seen the incredible successes they've been able to achieve through learning effective marketing and efficient practice management. As a part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration, we're highlighting some of our incredible and successful members who have been with us for many years. One of those is eight-year member Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi.

Dr. K first met Rem Jackson and heard about Top Practices eight years ago at an AAPPM meeting. He was a fresh graduate with a brand new private practice. After hearing about growing a practice through marketing, Dr. K decided to join Top Practices to help him get started: “I was new, I definitely needed help to grow my practice, and that's how it started. I joined and have been a member ever since then.”

The changes and growth Dr. K has seen from joining the Top Practices Mastermind group back in his first year of practice to now are huge. Starting as a single-doctor, single-location practice that struggled to bring in patients to make ends meet, it has grown to offer three locations, a surgery center, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a ancillary service. Dr. K has also hired an associate and had many incredible opportunities to speak on television and lecture at many state meetings as well as abroad in China. He describes this transformation best in his own words:

“I remember when I met Rem and we talked and I wanted to join the group...at that point I was struggling to even pay my membership fee to Top Practices. […] But somehow I was able to pay my monthly fees and dues one month at a time. Just, you know, plugging away and just following the strategies of Top Practices. Little by little things started developing. I've become busier and busier. […] A lot has happened since the day I joined Top Practices. I can't even compare what I was to, you know, what it is now. It's been a big, big, transformation.”

Dr. K credits this transformation with everything he has learned and been able to apply over the years. From listening to the Mastermind calls to reading Rem's recommended books to engaging with and bouncing ideas off of other Top Practices members, he takes every opportunity to learn:

“Even if I get [only] one or two things that I can use in my practice, even if it's one thing a month, to me it's still better than nothing. I feel like I have a support group that I can always bounce ideas off of.... I still value that relationship. I feel like, you know, just having that is a very helpful tool.”

Eight years is a long time to stick with anything, but Dr. K feels it has been worth it. “What's better than listening to a call that's talking about your profession? They're talking about things that can improve your practice, your relationship with your patients, and marketing strategies. And this is all dedicated to my field of podiatry.”

We're so excited for Dr. Khosroabadi and the impressive growth he's seen over the last eight years that has enabled him to develop the kind of practice he wanted. We're also incredibly grateful for his membership and look forward to many more years of growth together!

If you're a podiatrist and you're frustrated or struggling to get by, much less grow, the Top Practices Mastermind group may be just what you need. Our strategies for effective marketing and efficient practice management have helped Dr. K and hundreds of podiatrists like him over the past decade—and they can help you, too. Don't settle for frustration and feeling overworked when you don't have to. Contact us today for more information by e-mailing [email protected]
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