It's a big commitment to stick to something for more than a few years, especially in a fast-paced culture that loves and rewards fast changes. Yet, a number of Top Practices' own members have been with us since our early days. As part of our own 10th Anniversary Celebration, we're highlighting some of our incredible, highly-successful, long-standing members, such as Dr. Jane Graebner.

Jane Graebner, DPM

Dr. Graebner heard of Rem before having a chance to meet him, but didn't connect with him until she attended a Top Practices Summit being hosted in Dallas, TX. She'd recently added a new associate and wanted that relationship to flourish, so after reading through the Summit brochure, she decided the two of them should check it out together. The experience was like a revelation to her: “I said, This is what my practice could be like! And looking and going home to my practice, it looked so very different. I had so many stressors and so many things I had perceived I couldn't change. [Rem] really enlightened me to the fact that I could dictate where my practice was going.”

Dr. Graebner signed up for Top Practices membership during that Summit eight years ago and hasn't looked back since. Her practice has grown significantly over the years, allowing her to invest in better technology, such as X-rays and electronic medical records, and even build her own office location after 30 years of renting space: “I'm still in the same town—still the same side of town—but I built something...I think without those few years [with Top Practices], without the groundedness and purposeness, I think I would have been too scared to do that.”

As her practice has expanded, other opportunities and successes have developed as well. Her early associates have now bought into the practice and become full partners, with additional associates that have joined—or will be joining this year—since then. Dr. Graebner has also been able to hire a full-time marketing director and see continued growth in her numbers. “I'm more pleased with my practice than I ever have been. I'm trying to work, I guess I would say, 'smarter, not harder' and I definitely perceive the direction I aim is where we're going to head....  But I also feel I have matured not only as a CEO of my company, but now [as] I'm training these partners to be CEOs.”

Dr. Graebner has seen incredible success not just in her practice, but also in her personal life and in the lives of her staff. She has successfully achieved several personal goals to improve her own health—both physically and mentally. She's also noticed a change in her staff, noting that they aren't just better employees and pulling together as a team, but making strides in their lives outside of work.

Even after eight years, Dr. Jane Graebner still finds the coaching, relationships, and resources from Top Practices to be incredibly valuable to herself and her team:

“To be able to have access to that kind of material, to be able to download it, to be able to have your staff listen to it—that alone is worth so much more than the monthly cost to it.... [There's] such a feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood that we're all supportive of each other.... That's something money can't buy you: colleagues that are interested in your success as well. This [Mastermind] group just does not compete with one another. They shamelessly offer what they're doing and say here, use it, do it, we're all on the same side.”

We're thrilled with Dr. Graebner's success and all she has been able to achieve through her growth and hard work over the last eight years. We look forward to seeing where she and her practice continue to go as they move forward as incredible Top Practices members!

If you're a podiatrist looking for the same kind of amazing growth in your practice, know that it is possible. Dr. Graebner's story isn't unusual—Top Practices has been able to help her and hundreds of podiatrists like her over the last decade! Contact us for more information about how our Mastermind program can help you transform your marketing and grow! 
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