Your podiatry practice is filled with people.  The very same people communicating like they never have before online and in social media.  More of these people are women and, as a marketer of podiatry practices, I can tell you it's all about the women. "She" is the caretaker of her health, her husband's health, her children, his and her parents, literally everyone in her life.  We always market to "her." We always speak to her because she is listening and "she" is listening on social media.  She is asking questions, researching, keeping lists, and making appointments for podiatrists. 

If I told you that I had a software program that would connect you to thousands of your perfect patients who lived within 20 miles of your office and that I could create a referral network that was robust, active, dynamic, and highly profitable and it only cost $10,000/year, many of you would be interested in buying it.  That is precisely what social media is, and the cost to purchase is zero. It's free.  I know it sounds crazy, but nobody knows how to charge you for it and it's free and it's going to stay free.

But nothing in life is free, or very little is, right?  The cost to you is in time and effort. The good news is that it doesn't have to be YOUR time or YOUR effort (hence this won't be zero cost). The even better news is that a well designed and executed online and social media marketing plan for a podiatry office will produce significantly more revenue (bottom line profits) to your practice than the investment you will make of having someone who does understand this implement it for you -significantly more.

Learn next week social media can do for you in terms of increasing your patient numbers and referrals.

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