If I were to ask you what business you are in, you would most likely answer that you are in the business of serving your patients: helping them heal and return to their normal active lives as much as possible. I understand, but that is not, in fact, the business you are in. That is your mission. The mission of your practice is to serve your patients to the best of you and your staff’s abilities.

The business you are in is something entirely different. And until you understand this critical distinction, you won’t be able to build the practice you truly want.

The Business You are Actually In

The business you are actually in is “The Business of Marketing a Podiatry Practice.”

Marketing your practice successfully is the actual business you, along with every professional, are in. In fact, it is the business that every business (and non-profit, etc.) is in. Marketing is the single most valuable use of your time because IF you do it correctly, then everything else is possible. When you do it correctly, you have good positive cash flow because your business is healthy. Looking at your business this way (your practice most certainly IS your business) is revolutionary to most professionals. It’s scandalous to some because they never realized that their mission is different than their business.

If marketing your podiatry practice is the business you are in, then it is essential that you know how to do it. Again, this is very difficult for almost everyone, because no one has ever shown you how to do this well – if at all. You can’t learn about marketing from the usual places. Most sources only know what they were told in their sales training. You can’t learn it in school because they don’t teach it. They teach antiquated ideas about branding and what colors to use and more irrelevant things that don’t actually work.

The successful professional has scripted everything that happens in his or her practice; the amateur “wings it.” The professional knows what works because he has learned it from other great marketers like himself who know what works and are willing to share.

You Do Have a Choice

You can slog through life and achieve results that are acceptable but not exciting. If you are like 90% of podiatrists, that’s what you do. Actually, 90% of everyone is this way. Or you can be one of those who DECIDE to become excellent at their chosen business. Make no mistake, your chosen business is “marketing a podiatry practice.” Understand and act on this one idea and you can change everything.

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