If you’re like most doctors, you probably feel like you don’t have the time to learn and invest in the strategies you know you should be using to grow your practice. Time is a precious commodity, and doctors in particular have their days scheduled from morning to night. But you can actually turn something you already have—your car—into a valuable tool to build your practice.

Whether your commute is long or short, you can put away the other distractions of your day when you drive. Instead of popping on the radio and listening to that talk show that always makes you mad, or flipping through music stations to avoid the commercials, you could use this time to turn your car into the ultimate secret weapon for growth.

See, Top Practices Mastermind members have multiple calls every month where they get to hear from others who are successfully marketing and managing their podiatry practices. We answer questions, cover effective marketing and management plans, offer how-to advice, and more. Each of these calls is recorded and turned into a CD that is sent out to our members in a set every month. These CDs are packed full of incredibly valuable information designed to help you achieve your goals.

So how does this help you turn your car into a secret weapon? Turn off your radio and pop in one of these CDs for your next commute. You’d be amazed what you can absorb and apply simply by listening to it again and again. Who you are and what you do is shaped by what you think and how you spend your time. What you’re listening to in your down time is a part of that.

Top Practices Mastermind Group Members know this works and the results they get prove it. If you’re not a member, but you’re interested to see how Top Practices can help you revolutionize your practice growth, look into our Mastermind group. You can also contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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