Last month, a podiatrist wrote to PM News with this inquiry: "I was wondering if many people out there have had experience with Rem Jackson's "Top Practices" seminar  or his group in general. Has it been helpful and worthwhile?" Stephen Pirotta, DPM, Bentonville, AR

We were humbled by all of the kind and generous responses submitted by our Top Practices members.  Of course, the responses did not come as a complete surprise to us because we hear great things every day from our members about the positive influence Top Practices has had on their practices and their lives in general.  And it makes us feel really good to know that we are helping our members to grow and to reach their goals and dreams.  Another reason that the response was not a total surprise to us is that we see the generosity of our members every day. Members in the Top Practices are achieving success in their practices, many say like they never have before, and they are willing to share their successes with everyone else in the group. 

Understandably, Barry Block, DPM, Editor of PM News, had to close the discussion because there were just too many responses to include in the daily newsletter. We want to make sure that you get a chance to read all of them in their entirety so we added them to our website and you can find them here.

A heartfelt "Thank You!" to everyone who responded to Dr. Pirotta's inquiry.  And, by the way, he decided to join us at the Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit in Las Vegas in September of this year.  I hope you will join us too, so you can see firsthand how great our members are and begin to see the same results that they have experienced.

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