There is a difference between podiatrists who do well and foster thriving practices, and those who struggle to keep the lights on—and it's not because some doctors are just luckier than the rest. This is good news. Podiatrists who are true winners engage in habits and strategies that make their successes possible. That is the difference. That also means anyone who puts their mind to it and does what they need to do can achieve their goals and reach those high levels of success, too.

Something that makes a huge difference for winners is how they invest in time and tools for their practices.

Winners Block Their Time

Time is a limited resource, and when you're feeling stressed out and overworked, you never seem to have enough of it. So you, like many doctors, may not like the idea of blocking out clocksand setting aside some of your already precious and limited time for business and practice development. And yet, that is exactly what the true winners in podiatry and business at large do. They intentionally schedule untouchable hours for development—and then invest that time in their practice and personal growth.

Your practice needs this. You need to take the time to hold meetings with your staff and to train them. You need the chance to review your protocols and strategies to make sure they are functioning properly and benefiting your practice. You need the opportunity to review important numbers in every area of your business. You even need the hours to read and learn for your personal growth as a doctor and practice owner.

Those hours don't start magically appearing when you “get things under control” in your office and in your life. They have to be set aside and guarded jealously! Winners do this. The difference is that they recognize that this development time is never wasted. It's an investment in your practice and its future.

Winners Invest in Tools

Practices need certain tools to operate, and those tools always cost money. When it comes to the basics like computers for the practice, medical imaging technology, testing tools, and so forth, doctors understand the initial costs are an investment. The money they spend will enable them to do more for their patients, and expand their bottom line, in the long run.

toolsThe same is true for other important tools for your practice—particularly when it comes to tools for your marketing and management. These things aren't straight costs. They are investments to help make your practice more profitable. This includes things like your website, your practice newsletter, your referral marketing resources, your database for internal marketing, and so on. These tools aren't just “nice extras” that you get when you have excess profits. They are things you should be investing in now, not skimping on, to improve your bottom line over time.

Investing in time and tools for your podiatry practice can feel like taking a big step into unknown waters if you don't know what you're doing, and most doctors do not. The good news is you don't have to jump into this alone. We at Top Practices have been the leading experts in helping podiatrists grow and reach their goals for the last decade. We work with winners who block their time and invest in their tools every single day, so we know these habits work. We can also help you get started so you can make the most of these winning habits, too.

There's a definite difference between the podiatrists who really “win” and those who merely “pass” in their practices. You don't have to live in constant stress or give up your nights and weekends to succeed. There are tried and true methods in effective marketing and efficient practice management that can transform your practice from the one you have into the one you want. Invest in your time and tools. Do it right, and you really will see the difference.

Not sure where to start, or what tools you should be investing in for your practice marketing? Let us help you! Contact Top Practices today for more information, or to get started with our Mastermind group. 

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