Successful people live to serve others.

 In fact, I have seen that once they are able to focus their minds with written goals that they review every week and once they are able to cut out the negative influences and hang out with winners as much as they possibly can, they begin to have the space and the time and the interest in being a better doctor, a better father or mother, a better friend, a better son or daughter, a better brother or sister. 

They begin to truly believe that giving is better than receiving.

 They can truly begin to serve others in a much more profound way.  All successful people begin to find ways to give back and share the benefits of their success.  I include this as a secret because, not only is it personally rewarding and “the right thing to do” it has enormous positive blowback to the giver.  As you can focus entirely on the person at hand or the situation you are involved in because you’re not distracted by anxiety , fear, and negativity,  the positive energy you are putting out doubles and triples and begins to come back to you in the form of support from others. People want to be around and support and learn from positive successful people and so they begin to do whatever is possible for them to increase and build your success.  That is why the truly successful professionals have legions of people who are constantly referring their friends and families to their practice.  Successful people have built the room in their lives (they have cultivated the garden of their minds) to serve others in increasingly profound ways.

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