This applies to everyone, not just  professionals. Everyone.  Marketing and business development is one of the thorniest and most frustrating parts of every practice or business.  Most people are woefully unprepared for this critical business function and end up doing MSMD marketing (Monkey See Monkey Do).  They just keep doing what everyone else around them is doing and getting the same poor or nonexistent results.  A friend of mine calls this the “Tried and Tired”.  We’ve tried it and it still doesn’t work.

Successful people embrace – they voraciously seek out new ideas and find out what’s working.  In the last year, so many incredible marketing ideas have come across my desk because I hang out with successful people.   Successful people make marketing one of their key business activities and they create a culture in their office of always educating and teaching and communicating to everyone that know them.  Nothing makes successful people happier than GOOD POSITIVE CASH FLOW (GPCF). When you have GPCF your step is a little lighter, the sun is a little brighter, the sky is a little bluer, and you just sleep better.  Successful people are always marketing.

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