Successful people get things done quickly.

This is something you begin to notice when you associate with truly successful people. They don’t talk about things for a very long time. As soon as they have made a decision (which they come to quickly) they just get it done. They can do this because they are no longer held in the grip of fear or indecision because they have learned that action and activity always produce a good result.  That result could be a failure, but they learn from those mistakes and then try again. All the great iconic stories about Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln, to name two, illustrate this point. 

Successful people become students of good business processes and implement new ideas to improve and grow their practices. They then advance their ability to execute almost anything quickly and well because they have the systems in place to support their practice’s daily activities and the people in place who are highly trained to get things done.  They are never “getting around to it.” They are always telling me about what they’ve done and what the results are. Successful people have a strong bias towards action. When they are at a conference they are curious and they spend the most money. They are always investing in their knowledge and growth and infrastructure.  While everyone else is worrying about the costs of something, they’ve already bought it, installed it, and reaped the benefits and rewards of it and are on to the next improvement. Everyone else is still thinking about it and having no change or a decrease in their practice numbers.

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