The day before the Top Practices Summit in Nashville, TN, I was meeting with the Top Practices Top Performer Group, which is 11 practices across the continent that are building extraordinary practices. This elite group meets face to face with me 3 times a year. At this meeting, one of the doctors said, “I wish I could find someone who could handle my internet marketing for me.”

This caused my head to explode.

So, I’m unburdening myself for two reasons: there is a teaching point here, and I need to do a better job of marketing.

First, I want EVERYONE to know that Top Practices has a team of really smart, very informed, and extremely well-managed experts in internet marketing. They are all trained in the Top Practices style of marketing and are 100% up to date on the latest, increasingly complex information we all need to know for Google to treat us well and put us front and center for internet searches. They are also experts at utilizing social media. 

If you want your internet marketing done, and done right, this team can and will do it. To be clear, they are only working with podiatrists who are Top Practices members and there is a reason for that. Marketing is something that someone else can (should) do for you, but you must know what is going on and why it is being done, and you must be able to evaluate the results. The only results that matter are the number of patients coming through the door, but you do need to know the numbers that support that. It is your responsibility to yourself, your family, your staff, and your patients to know what this all is, and being a Top Practices member enables you to do just that.

Please do not wonder if “there is anyone out there who can help you with your internet marketing” – Top Practices can. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (717) 725-2679 to find out how to become a Top Practices Member.

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