Question: What do a Psychopathic Killer, a Politician, and Rem Jackson Have in Common? 

Answer: They Never Go Away

I'm not sure how Jason is able to never die in the Friday the 13th movies (full disclosure: I've never seen them -I don't like scary movies), but he is apparently able to withstand whatever is thrown at him (literally) and keep coming back.  Even after he does die he returns in subsequent movies (if I'm wrong about that and you are, like, a Friday the 13th expert -no need to fill me in with an email on this ).

Newt Gingrich.  At the time I am writing this he had just won South Carolina -this is the equivalent of Jason in the world of politics -he is an energizer bunny who just keeps going and going and going when ANYONE ELSE would have quit -retired -enjoyed their family and all the riches that money can bring.  But nope, against all odds he is still there trying to be President of the United States!

And then there is me.  You see, when you request something from me -a book, or a CD, or anything at all of value that I have to offer you that will help you solve the problems that are keeping you up at night - I never go away, unless you ask me to by opting out of my marketing funnels.  In this I'm very different from Jason or even Newt.  I won't just keep coming no matter what.  Why would I?

There is a method to the madness

I can easily not fade away after our initial connection because I use my list like a true professional.  It is in a database marketing program that is well maintained.  It is segmented by groups.  It is used every single day of the year to communicate with that group of people that have expressed an interest in something I had to say even if it was 7 years ago.  You see - what I've learned from a lifetime of study is - It's not up to me.  It's up to you. 

What's not up to me?  The day you decide to take action and make the changes you need to make in your marketing and your mindset, is the day that will literally transform your life.  That's what's not up to me.  I can't control it.  I can't control your behavior - only you can do that.  I can't control my revenues -that is completely in the hands of people who send me money because the value they receive is higher (significantly higher) than what they pay.  My job is to never stop coming back -unless you opt out of my newsletter program, or anything else I am willing to send you.  My job is to continue to stay focused on reminding you that you really can change your practice, your business, and your life.  My job is to provide you with inspiration, stories, testimonials, PROOF that things can be different for you.  While I am continuing to communicate to you enough people are ready for me to be very busy ACTUALLY coaching people to this kind of success which creates more stories, testimonials, PROOF to share with you.
Then, one day, something happens in your life and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and because I never gave up on you, you know exactly where to go to get the help and support you need.  I learned this from Dan Kennedy, who knows more about this than anyone living today, from David Sandler the great sales coach, from Ben Glass my great friend and colleague -MY ENERGIZER BUNNY.

Your Clients or Patients or Customers Make the Decision -Not You

You can't control their behavior -we have no idea what is going on in the lives of the people in our databases.  You can only control your behavior, your attitude, your actions.  And this is the great big gigantic secret to success contained in this article -you only have to work intensively on one person -yourself.  That makes having the practice of your dreams completely attainable.  If you stay focused on your goals, if you mastermind with winners, if you do not let the little distractions and the bigger problems knock you off the rails, you have to win -over time -because your list will be listening and they will be deciding to call you and become a client.  It's not in question about if this works.  The question is will you work it?

Don't Stop What You're Doing

Jason is not the best example I could offer up for success - but wow he is dedicated to his serial killer profession and he is arguably one of the most successful in history.

Newt is an incredible example of believing in yourself and attempting something truly remarkable.  He just won't quit coming back and has done things at this writing that are remarkable.  I know that by the time you read this, he will either have dropped out or will be running for President.  Doesn't matter to me how this works out for him - he is a great example of the power of not quitting.  Who knows?  He has already won as far as I see it.

The real question is - Do You Really Want to Have the Practice of Your Dreams?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it?  Napoleon Hill says that only 2 people out of 100 really want it enough to be an energizer bunny and just keep going and going and going….until you reach your goals.

I know that I won't quit doing my part, trying to light the spark that suddenly lights you up and gets you moving.


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