The next few years are set to deal all healthcare providers an entirely new hand of issues to deal with. In fact, in my talks with people who have vision and can see three to five years out, things are changing dramatically. Podiatry will be affected by all of the changes just as every other medical specialty will.

You won’t be able to sit this one out.

It’s time to play offense

So IF YOU KNOW that the game is going to change and you will need to be financially strong and healthy to play the game, the smart move is to play offense, not defense. Why wait for the complications to catch up with you? Get connected now to other doctors and experts who see this future clearly and learn what you can do to be prepared.

The single most important practice metric you can focus on is your Bottom Line. Your Profit.

This is what makes it possible to support your family in the way you truly want to support them. It is what makes it possible for you to make good decisions and good investments in your practice when you need to make them, instead of wishing you could, but not having the cash to do it. A healthy bottom line is the biggest protection you have as the world around you changes. Smart professionals know this and spend time ensuring they never suffer from money concerns. Cash is king in every business. Understanding this is the difference between success, and just getting through, or failure.

A Solid Marketing Plan is the KEY to a Winning Offense

No matter what comes your way in the next five years, a growing patient base, a reception room filled with the kinds of patients you want to see will ensure that you are able to navigate the choppy waters of our healthcare system. That marketing plan must:

  1. Actually work. You can’t attract heel pain patients (for example) by talking about yourself – where you went to school, your qualifications. You have to focus on what is keeping them up at night – heel pain. You must make them an offer that is interesting to them. They want answers. Offer them answers.
  2. Be sustainable. Your marketing needs to be happening every single day. If that is to happen, it needs to be a system that automatically happens. Because you will be treating patients, not marketing your practice. And it needs to produce far more revenue than it costs or else it isn’t really marketing – it is a drain on your cash.

Top Practices is the Team with the Winning Playbook

I’m proud of Top Practices because we have assembled the knowledge, expertise, coaching, and services to ensure that those doctors who are serious about their bottom line have the roadmap (literally by the way – it IS a roadmap) and the playbook to increase their practice in double digits every year by simply implementing our system. To be sure, it is not for everyone, but for serious people, it is the single most valuable component in ensuring that this year and beyond are your best years.

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