Nothing that Top Practices has to offer is worth anything if it doesn’t actually work. What would be the point if it didn’t help doctors—podiatrists, OB/GYNs, plastic surgeons, and others—grow their practices and meet their goals? Over the years, we’ve developed programs and services that we know work and make a big difference. But there’s nothing quite like hearing that from our own doctors. Every now and then, it’s important to hear from them, in their own words, just how marketing and managing their practices has helped them.

In early June, 2016, we had a chance to talk to a number of our doctors who are doing really well in their practices. These doctors dove head-first into the Mastermind group and their marketing, making changes and adjustments to achieve their goals. Now they are seeing the huge difference and we couldn’t be happier for them. Here are just some of the things they told us:

Dr. Cindy Oberholtzer-Classen of Podiatry Associates in Colorado was already a fairly successful practice owner when she joined Top Practices. However, she wanted to grow more. “We found we were doing a lot of things well, but we also found there were some other ‘best practices’ that we could model after to help in our growth…. We have learned how to market, and as a result, we have tripled our practice’s revenue in the last two years.”

Top Practices Provides Success for PodiatristsDr. Brandt Gibson of Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute joined Top Practices after starting his own practice from scratch. He’d wanted to own his own business to have greater control over it and hopefully spend more time with his family, but the difficulties of practice were getting in the way. “I went from seeing 10-12 patients a week to 20-30 patients a day. So the growth has been phenomenal….There are a number of things I get from Top Practices. One, I get association with other successful individuals that are working the same field that I am. Two, I’m getting more time with my family…. It’s one of the best things I did, and if nothing else it keeps me focused.”

Dr. Melissa Lockwood of Heartland Foot & Ankle Associates explained that the Top Practices Mastermind group has helped keep her practice on track, and the marketing strategies they’ve learned and implemented have led to “exponential” growth: “We’ve had almost 48% in growth in billing and collections and new patients. Really focusing on the marketing of our current list has been really helpful, year over year…. The best thing about being a Top Practices member is the accountability that it provides for me.”

Dr. Victoria Melhuish of Sierra Foot & Ankle told us that Top Practices really helps with feeling isolated with your problems and makes a big difference for coming up with solutions. She also found that she herself has grown over time, allowing her to make better decisions for the health of her practice. “You have a fellowship with other doctors that you can talk to about your problems and you don’t feel alone anymore. If I knew what to do [on my own] I would have already done it…. The thing that happened over time was that I became calmer. The magic thing that happened when I became calmer was I made better decisions. I definitely enjoy my practice, my staff, and my life a lot more.”

This is just a small fraction of testimonials from just a few of our members. Many more of our doctors had so much more to say about how they have grown and the ways Top Practices has helped them. We love hearing personal stories about how these doctors, who have come from different walks of life, live in different areas, and have very different practices, have all been able to grow and enjoy life more! It drives home that the strategies and services we offer really do work when implemented out “in the trenches.”

If you’d like to learn more about how we help medical professionals transform their practices, or you think we can help you, contact us! You can e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at (717) 725-2679.
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