If you have a practice and you want it to grow, succeed, and work for you without being a source of stress, there is one thing you absolutely must have: effective marketing. Most doctors, however, never learn the effective marketing and efficient management strategies they need to succeed, which is why Top Practices and our Mastermind group program exists. You can learn these strategies and you can grow your practice into the one you want it to be. The best proof of this comes directly from members like Dr. Brian McDowell.

Always Successful, Never Progressing

The Steps to SuccessDr. Brian McDowell joined Top Practices over three years ago. At that time he was already a successful podiatrist with a solid practice—but felt like he wasn’t continuing to grow and progress the way he wanted to. He felt like he had a “void” in his practice that was clashing with his deep inner desire to grow and reach new levels. So he joined Top Practices and began to explore the Mastermind group to see what that could do for him: “…For that first year it was just getting to know Top Practices to find out what they really wanted out of me, [and] believing in Rem.”

Within that first year, however, the Mastermind group pushed Dr. McDowell do more. He started to read more, set his own goals, apply what he learned, and really believe in what he could do.

3 Years, 300% Increase in Personal Income

Since starting to make changes within his practice, Dr. McDowell has seen the kind of growth he was looking for all along. He has been able to hire two new associates to help with the practice and patient load. At the same time, his personal income has increased roughly 300% since he first joined the group—and he and his wife have been able to relax and travel nearly every month. Dr. McDowell has been reaching his goals and seeing an increase in his referrals simply by learning effective marketing that he could apply to his practice.

We’re thrilled by the incredible growth and success Dr. Brian McDowell has seen since joining the Top Practices Mastermind group, though we’re not surprised. Anyone who has a similar drive to grow, invest, learn from the best, and actually make the changes they need to make can experience a similar story. If you’re looking for ways to really grow and learn to market your practice this year, the Top Practices group may be just what you need. Call (717) 725-2679 or submit a request online to get more information about Top Practices and how we can help you with  your marketing needs. 
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